Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday, Sunny, but cold

Today, another successful day.  I started off the morning at 6am with my standard Oatmeal.  Nothing you haven't seen before.  I was rushing out of the house to go to an agility event so did not have time to take photos.  But breakfast was yummy, albeit a bit rushed.  For a mid day snack, I had 22 almonds. 

I did take my lunch, but quite frankly I was very cold (it was in the 30's and I did not wear waterproof shoes...a big mistake).   I couldn't imagine eating the cold salad I had planned so waited till I got home close to 1pm.  I'll admit, I was starving.  Made myself slow down and cook a piece of Maui Maui (Maui Maui burgers from Trader Joes).  Put the fish that in a Lavash bread atop my salad (veggies and a little Quinoa). Added a dot or two of mustard.  Ended up 472 calories, but it was totally filling.

 Dinner about 5:30 was a salad with dressing and Ahi Tuna steak.  Four ounces.  I cooked it quick so the inside was a little pink. The combo was yummy.  My husband added a baked potato to his, but I elected to stick with the salad only.

My friend surprised me with a bodybugg.  I have the best friend EVER!!

I've got it charging and will start using it tomorrow.  It will track my exercise and I'll be able to compare that with my food intake.  It is gonna be an interesting next week.

I have decided to keep doing the food log for one more week.  I have decided on my next week challenge:   hit the gym every day. 
I will add chicken breast to my allowed proteins.  I'm so excited!  Chicken on Tues!

Today at 6:30pm I'm only at 1199 calories.  I'm still a little hungry so I'm thinking about yogurt and fruit.  I'll let you know what I decide.

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