Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 4 and Going Strong

Halfway through my veggie challenge and I'm doing great.  So healthy eatting is not easy.  Not only is there a ton of planning involved, but the dirty little secret no one wants to talk about:  Dishes.  Yikes.  The one thing about fast food is that there are no dishes and I can keep a clean kitchen. 
So, the question:  "do I want to be a size 6 and live a long life feeling good, or do I want no dishes, feel sluggish and die earlier then necessary?"
Hmmmm.  Is this a trick question?

I had to rush out of the house due to sleeping in this morning.  So I grabbed a banana and 20 almonds.  Not necessarily a breakfast of champions, but almonds are a great source of both protein and fat and a banana is yummy and filling.

Got back home around 10:45 and was starving (I did stop and get some tea to help fill me up, but was still hungry).  So I cooked up 4 ounces of fish and ate that (no photo).  I had a piece of salmon that I got for lunch, cut it in half and just ate it.  Saved the other half for lunch.  It was more that I expected at 4 ounces, but I took all the skin off (the doggies LOVED that) and just ate the incredibly delicious but not too fatty parts.

Lunch is the other half of the fish (3 ounce) no skin and the left over Quinoa. One cup of Quinoa goes a long way!  How many meals have I had from this one cup and I still have one more serving.  I did add cucumber to this batch to freshen it up a bit.  Lunch was delicious.

It is now 1:22 and I feel satisfied. 

My plan for dinner is Fish Tacos.  I have some Ruffy and salmon I'll mix together with some cabbage.  Sounds like an interesting dinner....I'm looking forward to it.

It is now 8:30pm.  After a nice walk I came home and had an orange.  I looked at my food log and realized I needed more fruit.  It wasn't the best looking orange, but it was good.

 Dinner was the fish Tacos I planned.
Salmon and white fish (ruffy) cooked with seasonings (cumin, garlic, cilantro, and minced green chilis) -skin removed from the salmon (happy dogs).  I steamed the tortilla and added a chipolti mustard, cabbage, slice of avocado, and cut up tomatoes.  Not only did it look good, tasted amazing!  My husband ate it as I served it and pronounced it to be yummy.

Ended the day just under 1500 calories at 1451. 

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